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covid-19 новости

Hotel del Levante is working daily on standards and protocols that not only meet the guidelines on hygiene and cleanliness, but also guarantee the highest safety standards for our guests and staff and the quality of our hotel experience. All common areas will be sanitized using machinery, with germicidal atomisation.

Here is what you will also find when you arrive:

Rooms: We will sanitize the rooms at every check-in and allow the continuous sanitization of the air through portable equipment using hydrogen peroxide (germicide nebulization).

Air conditioning: The ventilation and air conditioning systems of the rooms will be sanitized at every check-in.

Dispenser: In every area of the Hotel will be available to customers and dispenser staff to dispense disinfectant gel.

Safety equipment: Safety kits such as masks, gloves, disinfectants and germicides for surface cleaning will be available to all guests and contact personnel.

Security Manager: We have appointed a person to be responsible for the constant monitoring of the application of procedures in terms of guest and staff security. The staff will access the structure from a dedicated and controlled entrance with a thermoscanner for temperature detection.

Training: According to WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines, our staff has been trained so that they can safely carry out their assigned tasks.

We'll keep our distance to guarantee you a safe stay! HOW?

Private spaces: The hotel enjoys a privileged situation, with large garden spaces and rooms that have always guaranteed guests maximum privacy. We will preserve this specificity and we will implement it further.

Common spaces: The rooms will be constantly sanitized and we will guarantee social distancing.

Restaurants: We will guarantee the spacing of the tables in our restaurants; we will also insert the booking obligation to guarantee compliance with the maximum number of entries.

Swimming pool: Our swimming pool will be constantly sanitized and supervised in order to comply with the maximum capacity regulations and thus facilitate the distance.

Gym: All equipment will be sanitized before and after use. Also there, a minimum safety distance will be guaranteed.

Activities: Activities such as pilates, yoga, archery, territory walks and entertainment for children will be guaranteed, always with the attention and respect for hygiene rules.

Beach: Sunbeds and umbrellas will be placed at a safe distance to enjoy the sun and the sea in peace.

For further information please contact our booking office which will be happy to answer your questions +39.080 482 0160

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